A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Singular is a puzzle game where you lead a terrified green cell through different traps. It's a story about isolation, love, sacrifice and the discovery of diversity...an epic adventure for one little cell. Every room is a variation around a really simple and satisfying mechanic (touch cells to make them explode to a certain radius). The story is an extension of the mechanic and vice-versa. The inspiration behind is to be found towards Thomas was alone or World of Goo.

Features : 

  • 60 levels full of puzzles and action, including 10 generated levels (different every time you play them)
  • 4 different breeds of cells x 7 different actions = many possibilities
  • a unique "Combo!" mode, where you compete against the world to make the highest score

I'm a French indie game developer working in London. Singular is a game originally made for Ludum Dare #28. Here is the original game. I also do other cool stuff with museums, robots and all sorts of things.

Twitter : @nerial

The game is available for a small price on Android and iOS (try it, it feels completely different to touch the cells !).

The game is also available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. For that computer version I set the price at $3 but feel free to change that amount : try it for free, pay the asked price, support my work by paying more... it's up to you !

Install instructions

Download the zip for your computer, open it, you're ready to go !


Singular-Windows.zip 63 MB
Singular-Linux.zip 65 MB
Singular-MacOs.zip 63 MB

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